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LED UV Lamp ZSED012-42
  • LED UV Lamp ZSED012-42
  • LED UV Lamp ZSED012-42
  • LED UV Lamp ZSED012-42
  • LED UV Lamp ZSED012-42
  • LED UV Lamp ZSED012-42
  • LED UV Lamp ZSED012-42
  • LED UV Lamp ZSED012-42
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 ZS‐ LED012-42 Nail  Lamp




White,Black,Silver,Red,Gold or customized 


48W /42W


220V-240V,50Hz  110V-120V,60Hz


ABS Plastic


10s, 20s, 30s/ 30s, 60s,90s

Single Weight


Auto sensor

With Auto-sensing Function


High Power, drying 1 hands and 1 feet,with auto-sensing, CCFL+LED nail lamp can curing most led and uv gel in the market, professional in nail salon


12W CCFL + 36W LED/42W LED



Package Include

1 x CCFL+LED Lamp

1 x Adapter

1 x Power coad

1 x Operating Manual (English)


OEM&ODM (can be print own box and logo)


100pcs (Sample is available)



Outside Package

Color box, original carton


Home,nail salon for professional

Payment Terms

T/T,Western Union, Paypal

Business Time

Around 5 years design and producing nail lamp and nail drill

Delivery Terms

1-3days after received sample fee (Sample)

7-15days after received the whole payment (MOQ)

15-25days after received received whole payment (Customized)

Shipping Method

DHL,Fedex (Sample order)

By Air,by Sea shipping



Using Step:

Step 1: Connect the power cord with AC/DC adaptor, insert the DC plug into nail dryer DC interface;

Step 2: Insert power plug into Household power, power indicator lights up, normal electrify;

Step 3: Press timer button on the back of machine, lamp will start work;

Step 4: Put your hands in the lamp for curing, when the time off,  lamp will stop automatically;

Step 5: If needs use auto-sensing function, pull your hand in to the machine, lamp will start working, after you finished curing, pull out of your hand, lamp will turn off automatically;

Step 6: If you want to curing feet, please remove the backplane;


Step 7: When you finished curing gel, please close the fan and pull out the power supply, pack machine well,kept it in a dry place.

1.After using, please unplug the power in timely in order to save energy.
2.The dryer suitable for indoor, do not use in the bathroom or wet place.
3.When using dryer for a long time, do not touch the lamp to avoid burning pain.
4.If the power cord is damaged, must be replaced by the manufacturer, in order to avoid the danger.
5.Prohibited unauthorized demolition products, if has any fault please contact the agent or designated repair point, we are committed to provide the rapid, efficient and satisfactory service.


CCFL Bulb Feature:

1.High brightness, high efficiency, low power consumption
2.At low temperatures, quick start
3.Small size, light weight
4.Heat a small
5.Good resistance to shock
6.Easily processed into a variety of shapes
7.Long service life
CCFL is the new lighting source at present, according these feature, it's the best choice to Lamp and TFT-LCD etc. And CCFL is the specialize in mid high grade products.

Plug fit for follow countries:

110V-120VUSAPlug:United States,Canada,Mexico,Brazil,Japan,Philippines,Taiwan,Columbia, Jamaica,Peru,etc.

220V EU Plug: Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, Slovakia, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, South Korea, Switzerland,etc.  

230V-240VUKPlug:United Kingdom,Hongkong,Singapore,Malaysia, etc.

240-250V AU Plug:Australia,New Zealand, etc.


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